Refractometer calculator glycol


Homebrewing is one of the greatest hobbies of all time, and anybody who takes it seriously knows that having the right equipment is imperative. You need all of the ingredients to make your brew, but you also need the tools to put it all together. Of these tools is a refractometer, which is a device that measures the index of infraction in a liquid sample.

Inline Process Refractometer & Refractive Index Sensors

In the context of homebrewing, a refractometer is essential to taking a measurement that determines the starting Brix and or Specific Gravity of your beer.

Using a refractometer is simple and allows you to take a key measurement. One of the most important measurements you can start with is the starting gravity of your brew. This tells you what fraction of the brew will ultimately be converted to alcohol when undergoing fermentation.

To use your refractometer to take this measurement, take your pre-fermentation solution—also called the wort—and put several drops of it on the viewing glass of the refractometer. It is important to frequently calibrate your refractometer. Be sure to use distilled water when calibrating your refractometer. To do this, place several drops on the looking glass and close the cap.

You can then look inside the glass and adjust the calibration screw until you see a reading of 0 Brix scale and or 1. As with any piece of equipment, there are pros and cons to using a refractometer.

One of the biggest benefits it offers is the ability to test concentrations on a small sample size—only a few drops. Refractometers are also typically quite sturdy and reading measurements is simple. Still, some people prefer other tools and methods of measurement because separate samples must be taken to measure pre- and post-fermentation concentrations.

A refractometer also has to be recalibrated eventually. For these reasons, some people prefer to opt for a hydrometer rather than a refractometer, but there are drawbacks to a hydrometer, too—mainly that the sample size needed is much bigger. If you invest in a high quality refractometer, it is a highly durable tool that will simplify your brewing process and give you the information you need to create consistently great batches.

Find the right one for your homebrew and take your beer to the next level.An accurate and economical tool for ensuring proper levels of glycol treatment in HVAC fluid systems. Removes guess work and prevents wasteful over-treatment. An essential tool for any glycol treatment job. All Glycometers have a metal body with cushioned eyepiece, focus adjustment, and a rubber hand grip. Included with each is a calibration screwdriver and calibration fluid, a plastic pipette, optical cleaning cloth, and a rugged carrying case.

refractometer calculator glycol

The Glycometer is a glycol refractometer for measuring anti-freeze levels of propylene glycol or ethylene glycol in HVAC systems. Lift the prism cover and place a few drops of the included calibration fluid or distilled water on the prism. Close the cover onto the prism and gently press to spread the fluid and remove air bubbles. Allow the sample to sit for 20 to 30 seconds so the sample and the Glycometer are at the same temperature.

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Look through the eyepiece and note the bottom of the blue color line. Obtain a sample of the glycol solution from the system being tested. Using the pipette, place a few drops of the solution onto the Glycometer prism. Place the cover down onto the prism and press gently to spread the sample and remove any bubbles or dry spaces.

Allow 20 to 30 seconds so the sample and the prism are at the same temperature. Point the Glycometer toward a light and view through the eyepiece. The reading point is the bottom of the blue color shade. The scale on the left of the screen is for Propylene Glycol and the scale on the right is for Ethylene Glycol. The operator must know which type of glycol is being tested. When finished, clean the prism using the included cloth.

Do not pour water over the instrument as this could allow water inside and damage the instrument. The Glycometer is a precision instrument and should be handled with care. Do not touch or scratch the optical surfaces.

Do not drop or shock the instrument. Store the Glycometer in a clean, dry, non corrosive environment. Skip to main content Skip to navigation. Home Products ClenAir Glycometer. Helps prevent costly freeze damage to equipment Determine freeze points of glycol solutions in seconds. Description: An accurate and economical tool for ensuring proper levels of glycol treatment in HVAC fluid systems. Operation Obtain a sample of the glycol solution from the system being tested.

Product Information: Literature Downloads Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature here. Freez-Kontr'l FG Clear.A hydronic heating or cooling system is one of the most efficient types of systems when it comes to providing comfort for a building. Thanks to the serviceability of the major components, a building owner can maintain their system for optimal efficiency and system life.

What happens to glycol in HVAC systems?

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Correcting glycol concentration is easy using on-site heat transfer fluid testing. We recommend testing your heat transfer solution concentration whenever the system has been serviced using an easy, on-site fluid analysis tool such as a refractometer. Refractometers measure the glycol concentration and gives the antifreeze freezing point. This instrument requires only a few drops of fluid for glycol testing and requires no adjustment for fluid temperature. Upon completing your glycol testing, you may need to increase your system's concentration using glycol addition.

See our glycols available for purchase online here. Need additional help? Contact us today. We sell glycol online with no accounts or order minimums required. Available in gallon tote, 55 gallon drum or 5 gallon pail, high purity DOW antifreeze is premixed with deionized water DI water at our in-house facility and ships out within just one business day.

Explore more helpful tips and advice at goglycolpros. Our knowledgeable glycol experts are ready to help you with your latest hydronic HVAC project. My Account. Welcome to Go Glycol Pros! Login Create Account. Ethylene Glycol Inhibited Glycol vs. Shopping Cart. When servicing hydronic equipment, we often take the following steps: The equipment is isolated System fluid drained Maintenance performed Glycol fluid is replaced What happens to glycol in HVAC systems?

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Checkweigher Solutions. Metal Detection - Safeline. Safeline X-ray Inspection Systems. Vision Inspection Systems. ProdX - Data Management Software. Manual Pipettes. Electronic Pipettes. Pipette Tips. High-throughput Pipetting. Liquid Handling Equipment. Pipette Management.The concentration of glycol in your system is what ensures that you have adequate freeze and burst protection.

Glycol concentration can be measured in several different ways. This article describes two methods of testing that can easily be done at a job site, using inexpensive tools. A refractometer is a tool to measure refractive index.

refractometer calculator glycol

Refractive index describes how fast light travels through a material. The angle at which light appears to bend can be measured and converted to concentration. A handheld refractometer is easy to use. Just add a few drops of sample on the prism, hold up to a light source, and read the concentration on the scale inside the meter. A hydrometer is a tool used to measure specific gravity.

Specific gravity is the ratio of the mass of a liquid to the mass of an equal volume of distilled water. Specific gravity is correlated with concentration. To use a hydrometer, fill the cylinder with test sample. Put the hydrometer with the bulb end down. It will bob up and down in the sample. Note that the sample may overflow from the cylinder. Assure that the hydrometer is not in contact with the sides of the cylinder when you take the reading.

Be careful to take the reading at the meniscus, where the plane of water is, not where the water clings up the neck of the hydrometer.

Digital Refractometer for Propylene Glycol Analysis

Hydrometers are good options for determining glycol concentration, and they are often chosen because they are inexpensive. However, hydrometers have some disadvantages when compared to refractometers. Refractometers are advantageous because they are quick, accurate, compensate for temperature difference, and have less user error than hydrometers. Glycol concentration testing May 22, Glycol Dynalene. Refractometer or Hydrometer? Which to use for glycol concentration testing? Hydrometer setup.

Hydrometers are made of glass, which is easy to break.Installation is flexible and straightforward. As a result, the sensor can be removed from the adapter with a quarter-turn for cleaning or maintenance. Driven by concerns over food and product safety in the dairy, food, beverage, and biopharmaceutical industries, 3-A certified sanitary refractometers must meet exacting hygienic standards before a manufacturer is awarded certification; one of the top honors in the field of refractometry.

This completely self-contained SMART measurement system represents a new standard in concentration sensing. Have both. Rugged makes it more dependable; Precision makes it more accurate. We challenged conventional thinking to develop the world's leading digital handheld refractometer. As a result, our refractometer boasts x the precision of competing refractometers and ruggedness demanded by pros working in harsh environments.

To put this in perspective, it is roughly the difference between a 2 to 5 megapixel camera and a megapixel camera, providing 2x to 3x the measurement precision. In business for more than 70 years, we are respected as an industry leader in the field of refractometry.

We maintain this leadership position because refractometers are all we do. A refractometer is not just a catalog item or sideline business for us; it is our only business. Our top priority is providing you with the highest quality refractometer and best user experience possible.

We are proud of our dedicated team of technical experts who can quickly aid you with application support. The goal of our staff is to maximizing refractometer performance while minimizing your frustration.

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Decades of experience in the refractometer business, helping customers from nearly every conceivable field and area of the world, uniquely positions us to provide you with the innovative products and solutions customers have come to expect from the MISCO Brand. Check out our online forum for answers to some common, and not so common, refractometer application questions.

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VIP2 3-A Sanitary Inline Process Refractometer Driven by concerns over food and product safety in the dairy, food, beverage, and biopharmaceutical industries, 3-A certified sanitary refractometers must meet exacting hygienic standards before a manufacturer is awarded certification; one of the top honors in the field of refractometry.

Do you Need it rugged or Precise? Now you don't have to choose!Please refer to EACH product page for transit and lead time. Search Site:.

Glycol Refractometer What type of Glycol Refractometer is this? This Glycol Refractometer is used to determine the freeze points of Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol fluid solutions. The readings are in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol are often mixed at many different dilution ratios.

The solution concentration is directly related to it's freeze point. Failure to properly monitor your freeze point will initially lead to product slushing and ultimately bulk freezing. When freezing occurs, it often leads to damaged pipes and loss of product. In some cases, ethylene glycol is dangerous if consumed by animals or humans. The product life of the propylene glycol and ethylene glycol is long. Many times just purchasing more concentrated product will save significant money instead replacing out the entire solution.

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Glycol concentration testing

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refractometer calculator glycol

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